Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Handbag Hysteria

Handbag Hysteria

For me, personally, the large bag is on its way out.  Maybe not for the high-powered executive or student that needs a tote, but for me, I think they're headed out.  The Cloud, iPads, iPhones, smaller laptops and otherwise shrinking wireless devices don't require the handbag room of laptops and multiple planners/notebooks.  There are tons of cute, medium sized handbags and will happily carry all of your doos and dads.  Downsizing my handbag size to my Coach New Willis and being happy with the amount of room and lessening the amount of stuff I think I need to carry around with me has me re-thinking the whole large purse concept.  Here are my picks for smaller bags with lots of ladylike charm.

I love the tote styling and the smooth vachetta leather - it's such a basic classic.  The little tassel embellishment adds just the right amount of cute.  However, I'm leaning toward gold hardware and I don't think the strap drop is enough to wear it over the shoulder comfortably - and I certainly don't want to hold it like a tote.  I need a hands-free shopping experience.  ;)  If it came with an additional adjustable shoulder strap, we'd be in business.

I love how Coach is updating some of its classics for a more modern look, but is keeping true to the original design.  Hey, things are classics for a reason.  Again, the leather is to-die-for.  This one has the gold hardware that I'm looking for.  I will definitely be trying this one on for size.

Coach sent me a 25% coupon via email (apparently I'm "preferred customer") and we actually have a Coach store here in the Pensacola mall (but no J. Crew, Gap, or Sephora???), so I am headed that way Friday.  If I don't find a handbag I like, I can always use a card holder, as my cards have been ambling all over my purse since the downsize like it's romper room time or something.

It's the "Big Edie" of the Edie line. (There's the Edie Attache, but the Edie Grand looks more like a "Big Edie").  I love the strap drop.  And while I am trying to carry less stuff in my handbag, but I think the original Edie is just a hair too small for what I need.

I have found a new love in Brahmin.  And while Brahmin carries more expensive bags, the ones mentioned here are comparable in price or much more affordable than the above bags, too!  The silhouettes are so ladylike, but not overly precious.  I love the longer strap drop of the Anytime bag, and I can't get enough of the citron color.

I am a sucker for a bag with two sets of straps.  The pecan colorway was unsettling to me at first, but now I'm a fan - I don't have to choose a black or brown bag, I get the best of both worlds!

This might be my overall winner.  Ladylike frame silhouette, classy just-enough embellishment, striking color, 2 sets of straps - all of it's there.  I am looking forward to heading over to my local Dillard's for a try-on very soon.  

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  1. I love those Brahmin bags! I love small bags, but I carry so much stuff, I don't know if I could ever switch to a smaller bag!


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