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  • Age 31, married, female, all-around liberal, no religion
  • Proud parent to a Yorkshire Terrier and 3 kitty cats and no plans for expansion
  • Mini Cooper enthusiast
  • Amateur clarinetist
  • Higher Education advocate
  • J. Crew investor
  • Cultivator of domesticity
  • Public radio supporter
  • My preferred meal times are 10am for lunch and 4pm for dinner (supper?)

This blog is about preppy style (for the grown-up) with a minimalist slant and minimalist style with a preppy slant.

I am full of bad jokes and puns.  You have been warned.

It feels silly to say this, but all content is of my opinion and experience only.  At this time, none of my reviews are sponsored by any companies; in the even that a review is sponsored, it will be notated within the post.

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