Wednesday, September 12, 2012

J. Crew New Arrivals 9/12/12 Wish List

After a few weeks of disappointments with J. Crew new arrivals for me (nothing that I liked that was offered in petite sizes and never ending offerings of wool and cashmere, of which I am allergic and live in a climate where these fabrics are unnecessary), now we've got something to work with.

J. Crew New Arrivals Wish List 9/12/12

I'm a sucker for anything in a neutral tweed.  I am very sorry for me that it's not offered in the petite range.

Kinda neat.  Not sure that I could pull it off.

I love the graphic display of stripes.  The navy and champagne makes it less severe than stark black and white.  I really like the neckline.  More than a crew but not as much as a boatneck.

I'm not a fan of wool, but it's lined, so it could be doable for winter.  Nice classic Jackie-O-like silhouette.  Love that heather carbon.  I already have a boucle jacket with more color dimension on order from AliExpress (no longer available, but here's something similar) in a more appropriate Florida-friendly fabric, so I don't really need another.

I know folks are probably over chevron, but it's on trend and there are reasons - it's classic, graphic and can be updated to be more modern than the chevron of the 70s.  I've been waiting for this moment for so long, J. Crew, but on the eve of the iPhone 5 announcement, I think I'll wait until the iPhone 5 version of the case comes out - if it's not played out by then.

J. Crew also has a collar necklace with 5 bows on it, but I think a single bow per body part makes much more of a statement than multiple, but is also more subtle.  Could you imagine someone wearing all three?  I'm a big fan of jewelry sets, but either matching necklace+bracelet or matching earrings+bracelet.  Both are on my list for sure.  If none of the above clothing items fit, at least I know I can fit into the jewelry.  :)


  1. I'm loving the crystal cuffs and earrings...J.Crew is definetly growing on me.
    Great display =)

    1. Hi Jennifer! I'm usually not a fan of bling, but in this instance, J. Crew does it right.


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