Friday, October 12, 2012

I Just Can't Seem To Say Goodbye To Summer

When it's constantly humid and the temperature is in the mid-80s, I find it difficult to say goodbye to summer.  I still want to wear vibrant colors and extend summer into fall.   I have tried anchoring my outfits with fall-ish colors like navy and black (although I wear those colors year-round!).

Luckily, it's started to cool off now, bit by bit.  When I look through Pinterest of Polyvore I see that folks have started pulling out the sweaters and boots and I'm ridiculously jealous.  Usually at the change of a season I go on a "style diet".  I go through and edit my wardrobe down to its bare bones - basically I just go back to my minimalist wardrobe.  It's like I need to clean my style palate, so to speak.  So now I'm sporting a sock bun, my black Cece flats and other items from my minimalist wardrobe.   I do make changes to my minimalist wardrobe from time to time to make sure it's updated, but I like to keep it classic and neutral.

I wonder if I will change anything when I come off my "diet".

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  1. I know, I wish it were colder here so I could wear boots!

    P.S. I would definitely recommend ordering a scarf from AnnaMaeDesigns! It's so soft, and I might wear it as a shawl over my black semi-formal dress when it's cooler!


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