Thursday, October 11, 2012

DecidedlyD's In Love... with Shoshanna

Oh Shoshanna, I'm just in love with your dresses!  The lookbook styling is spot on - I feel like I could actually wear these outfits.  The textured tights and sheers add just enough interest without taking away from the garments.  The cuts of the pieces are what I would consider modest (although it is a relative term), and can be worn with *gasp* normal underpinnings!

I wanted to feature some of Shoshanna's dresses here today, and it was so hard picking just a few from the lookbook.

I want to share all of my picks, so this might get stretched out into several posts.  Today I'm starting with everyday dresses.  You could wear all of these dresses to just about any destination and for almost any occasion.

Not all of them are available for purchase on the site, but I have links to the ones that are.

1. Black - This past spring and summer brought us some of the most diversity in color in clothes that I think we'd seen in quite a while.  And while it was so uplifting to wear so many colors, I'm ready for a palate cleanse, and that's where black comes in.

Shoshanna - Fall 2012 - Everyday - Black
Black Leather Belle Dress // Pebbled Crepe Rosalie Dress // Black Double Crepe Lela Dress 

2. Double Crepe Leila - I am just in LOVE with this silhouette.   It makes the perfect canvas to showcase colors, which Shoshanna has done with both spearmint and bordeaux.  I could wear one in every color every day of my life as long as I live.  Accessory options are limitless.

Shoshanna - Fall 2012 - Everyday - Double Crepe Leila

3. Simple Solids - The richness of these colors would be perfect with chunky gold jewelry and are perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

Shoshanna - Fall 2012 - Everyday - Simple Solids
red // camel // emerald // twilight // bordeaux

4. Day to Night - The Ravenna Jacquard Bridgette dress is the quintessential day to night piece.  I would wear it with a turtleneck to work with some heeled slouchy boots and maybe some dotted hose and take it to an evening dinner with a blazer and black patent heels.  Adding a bow belt would be a nice touch.

Shoshanna - Fall 2012 - Everyday - Day to Night

5. My Favorite - The Allison Dress in Cambridge Plaid - Now this is what I'm talkin' 'bout!  The plaid would add some depth to my personal wardrobe and I could wear it year round - flats, boots, gold jewelry, no jewelry, turtleneck, blazer, scarf, chunky cardigans, as a skirt - endless possibilities.  See it here on Rachel from Pink Peonies.

Shoshanna - Fall 2012 - Everyday - My Favorite

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