Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dialog About Simple Style

Okay ladies, let's take a break from the arm party and overzealous layering.  Oh, I get it, I do... it's a look that's popular these days.  It seems like a lot of bloggers are in some kind of unspoken contest of creating the most depth in an outfit.  I've tried... I've had an open mind... but it's just not "me".  I'm a simple gal that likes simple shapes in simple colors.  Oh don't get me wrong, I like to shop and I like to look at a lot of different styles for inspiration and new ideas, but I just keep finding myself coming back to my black sheath and oxford and gingham button downs.  The slouchy knits and silhouettes do nothing - not a thing - for my particular body.  I feel that I look my best and I feel the most confident in more tailored pieces.

So... that brings me to my issue.  How do I curate my simple/minimalist wardrobe while maintaining a personal style?  I guess a simple way of defining style is how something is done by an individual.  Therefore, I could extend that by saying that, in general, oxford button downs, vests, black sheath dresses and skinny jeans are my components of style - how I have chosen to dress myself.   I'm not sure if there's anything that I do that sticks out, but rather the things I don't do, style wise.  I'm not sure that many of my simple outfits will get any attention or stick out, but I think that upon closer inspection, one will find luxurious garments that are well made.

I'm not really sure where this conversation is going.  I guess I'm just going to leave it at that for a while. Hopefully I'll get some comments to keep it moving and continue this conversation.

I have found the most wonderful blog entry from Living Small that focuses on how to build a simple wardrobe.  Please give it a read and spend some time on the Living Small blog - there's some good stuff there about simplify one's life.

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