Thursday, October 18, 2012

Black Winter Shoes

It's no secret how much I love my J. Crew Cece black flats.  I don't know what I'll do if they get discontinued.  I bought a pair in late fall of last year and they've taken me everywhere.  However, for the winter, I'd like a full shoe that will look a little better with the tights + skirts combo.  I'm looking for a shoe that's high quality, versatile, neutral, and... well... black.

Black Winter Shoes

For anything with a heel, I'm a total Naturalizer girl.  I previously thought Naturalizer was a brand that was exclusively for the comfort set.  Not so!  Especially in past few years, Naturalizer has really implemented some pretty fashion forward styles.  They've also managed to keep the comfort level high as well.  Earlier this summer, my husband had his 10-year high school reunion and it was the perfect excuse opportunity to invest in a good pair of nude heels.  I was pretty skeptical when I ordered these (they remind me of the nude pumps that the Duchess of Cambridge often wears); I had never had a pair of Naturalizers before, so I was concerned that the photo wasn't exactly representative of what the shoe really looked like.  Boy was I wrong - and gladly so.  They've added some other modern styles for winter which I'm glad to share with you (along with a few other labels).  

I sectioned the black winter shoe subject into three main topics: Trend-Setting, The Classic, and Brogues; these are just the styles I'm personally contemplating.  


Naturalizer Kaley.  What a cool pump!  Suede shoes are so evocative of winter and cooler weather.  With the built-in hidden platform, the overall 4+inch heel will feel much more manageable.

Naturalizer Kindra.  I find that with my build, shooties/booties are most flatteringly worn with a-line skirts and tights.  Wearing them other ways like with cropped bottoms tend to make me look stumpy.  Again we have a significant heel with a nice platform for stability and height.  There's just enough detail to add some interest without being too attention grabbing or audacious.  I imagine wearing these on the streets of a big city for some reason... they just scream out for it.

Naturalizer Jodell.  I love the menswear inspiration on these shoes.  They've got some cool wingtip detailing and a modern (yet stabilizing) block-ish heel.  With a modest heel height, I can see myself traipsing along the sidewalks from building to building on my university's campus.  I have a serious soft spot for shoes like this.

The Classic

Yes, both pairs of these shoes are the same style, same color, but they have different finishes - one in patent and one in smooth leather.  Which to choose?  A nice smooth leather can be worn to work and maybe for some more dressy events.  But that patent leather - it's just the bees knees in terms of spicing up an LBD for a cocktail or work party. 


Ah, flat brogues!  Both of these pairs would be so darling with tights + skirts - and I could run around with my usual purposeful gait.  Oxfords in this fashion are the epitome of tomboy footwear.  The width is a little more balanced for a woman's foot, but still retain the beautiful textual wingtip detailing and a little bit of chunkiness to balance out a woman's more slender leg line.

Typing out this post has allowed me to reflect on each style and each shoe.  I think I might be leaning toward the Naturalizer Jodell.  It can take me from work to cocktail during the winter and will likely last quite a few years.

Which of these shoes would you choose?

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