Monday, July 23, 2012

What I Wore: Patterns: Decoded

What I Wore: Patterns: Decoded

So... I'm really into mixing patterns and textures and colors right now (*gasp* no, really?).   I'm not the biggest fan of color blocking, though.  Somehow I guess the diffusion of colors that you get when you mix patterns is within my color comfort zone.  Two totally different colors on separate parts of my body?  Not so much.   I do have to practice some restraint because I've tried to put together some straaaange things while shopping my closet.

The Polly Popover in rambling rose is great.  Although no petite option was available, I found that the XXS was the next best thing for me.  While the sleeves are too long, I like where they hit me on the forearm after two turns of the cuff.  The Cafe Capri (cannot get enough right now!) in morse code is actually a true navy that matches the blue in the top and not lighter, as it displays in the Polyvore set above.  The texture gives an air of luxe that can dress up a more casual or solid top.  I'd say these fit slighter smaller the regular Cafe Capri.  I can wear a 0P in the regular, but these 2Ps could be snug on a bloated day.

So the J. Crew Fall catalog has dropped.  While I can always find something I like, I rarely find a sweater during the fall and winter that I can actually wear.  Wool, alpaca, angora, and cashmere cause me to break out in red spots and I can't stop itching and scratching.  Come on, J. Crew, give those of us who are allergic to these fibers more options than Jackie.

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