Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Starbucks Refreshers

I'm sure you all have seen Starbucks's new product, Starbucks Refreshers.  They are so super tasty.  When I tried one, I could taste what seemed to be green or white tea.  I thought, oh well this is so fruity and crisp that I could do this as a refreshing afternoon drink.  After doing just the tiniest bit of research, I learned that Refreshers are made with green coffee.  So okay, I've heard of coffee... and green tea... but not green coffee.  Apparently, Starbucks has magically harnessed the caffeine out of arabica beans, pre-roasting.  You get the caffeine from the coffee, but not the coffee flavor.  Mix that with fruit juice and some ice and you've got something, well, refreshing.  My Starbucks down the road has the instant Refreshers packets for 50% off... tomorrow morning when I get my daily fix, I'll be sure to pick up a couple of boxes so I can have it home and at work.  I'm curious as to why they didn't launch it earlier in the summer, but I hope they keep this into the late fall (as it will stay quite warm until then in sunny Florida).  Both the lime and berry hibiscus flavors are beyond palatable; I often have a hard time choosing between the two - maybe I can get a half and half... like an Arnold Palmer.  This is a must-try!


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