Thursday, July 12, 2012

Decidedly D Reviews: Asos Petite Skinny Jeans

Decidedly D Reviews: Asos Petite Skinny Jeans

I've been jonesing for a pair of mint colored skinny jeans.  I was ecstatic (read: ec.sta.tic) to find some on Asos for under $50 in more pastel colors than you'd see in an Easter basket.  Since my size is 2 petite or 0 regular, I opted for the "US 2" size.  When they arrived, I could barely stuff my legs into them; forget about getting them all the way up and fastening them.  Therefore, I re-ordered in a size 4.  THEY FIT THE SAME.  


I feel like a sausage-y beached whale right now.  

I could send them back and re-order again, but I don't find that that's a quality use of my time and energy.  I don't think my tender psyche can handle another such disappointment.  I give up, Asos.  

At least I have my J. Crew Cafe Capris in neon rose and tropical aqua.  They did come out with the Scout chino in mint, but of course by the time they went on sale, my size was sold out.  And then one time I saw them in Target, but they only had one stinkin' pair in a size 16.  I checked on the Target website and predictably, again, they were sold out in my size.

I'm seeing mint jeans all over the blogosphere and Pinterestville but I can't find any for myself.  Maybe I'm not destined to have any.  I'll just have to be more creative - a chance to exercise my styling muscle.


  1. I just bought the exact same ones and have the opposite problem - I bought a UK size 8 (so... I don't know. US 4?) but they're kind of baggy and there's a HUUUUUUGE gap at the waist. Trying to debate whether to reorder in a size 6 or just cut my losses and look elsewhere. Did you ever find a pair you liked? No J.Crew over here in Europe so that's out for me I think... :(

  2. Hey Quinn! I have not yet found a pair of mint skinnies or cropped pants in my size and price range. So disappointing! I think that by the time I do find the right pair, mint skinnies will be passe'. Because of the way they're cut (if they fit in the hips, the waist is too big, if the waist fits, I can't stuff the rest of me into them) I think the Asos skinnies are designed more for a straight junior figure than a woman's figure.


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