Tuesday, February 26, 2013

High End Fragrances in Small Doses

High End Fragrances in Small Doses

I am fragrance-phobic. I find most of them to smell cheap even if the price tag says otherwise. If I do find a fragrance I do like and want to buy it, I'm paralyzed by the price. What if I buy it and end up not liking if after a few uses? It's not an efficient use of money, that's for sure. I've noticed that recently a lot of perfume makers/designers have been putting their scents in a smaller form in a rollerball. I love the idea of rollerballs because they're not expensive usually, they're portable and there's just not so much of it.

I was in Dillard's a couple of weeks ago and picked up the Kiehl's Original Musk Oil rollerball (I think they make other oils in rollerball form, too, but they're not on the website) on a whim. It's kind of masculine but I don't think I smell like I'm wearing men's cologne.  Anyway, it got me thinking, I may be more interested in perfume if I could avoid the commitment of a huge bottle and equally big price tag.

This past weekend I found myself back in the mall and thought I'd try some smells in hopes of being able to purchase them in rollerball form.  I really liked the Marc Jacobs Dot, Daisy and Eau So Fresh. I also like See By Chloe. The rollerballs were often combined into sets with other products which I wasn't interested in. When I got home, I took my search to the internet. I found a set of the Daisy and Eau So Fresh in a rollerball set with Oh, Lola!, which I haven't tried. The rollerballs are usually around $20/each on Sephora's site, and I found this set of three rollerballs for around $30 on eBay, so I figure it's worth the risk - who knows, I might like it. I was able to find a Dot rollerball, but it looks like See By Chloe isn't being offered in a rollerball form, so I bought a sample size on eBay.

I ended up spending less than $60 for five perfumes, which I think it probably less than buying one full eau de toilette or parfum.

Do you like rollerballs? Is there a scent you wish you could try out on an extended basis that doesn't come in a rollerball form?

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