Monday, July 16, 2012

Nail Polishes

Summer Nail Favorites

I go through beauty phases - sometimes I'm all about eyeshadows, sometimes I'm all about lipstick (which is a phase that's waning)... and right now I'm all over nail polishes.  My summer favorites are:

1. Flip Flop Fantasy (China Glaze):  This polish is a true fantasy for your flip flops.  It's a neon peachy pinky rosy that goes with any color - mint, grey, turquoise, white and all of our other summer favorites. It's a great way to show off a tan, too.

2. Chinchilly (Essie): This is a great grey that has purpley lavender undertones.  If you're looking for a summer neutral, this is it.

3. Turquoise & Caicos (Essie): This is a sophisticated minty aqua color.  It's fun and on-trend without being obnoxious.  I had to wait a while to get this polish - every time I went to buy it at Target it was sold out!  Thank glob I finally got lucky.

4. Monsooner or Later (OPI): This is a perennial favorite of mine.  It's a true red that's got a little bit of orange to it, which makes it super modern.  I'm planning on changing my color to this for Andy's upcoming high school reunion with my LGD (little grey dress).


  1. Im wearing Flip Flop Fantasy right now!

  2. The Turquoise & Caicos is one of my favorite colors for summer. I bought some recently and can't wait to use it for the beach!

    Darjeeling Darlings


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