Monday, May 20, 2013

Kate Spade Saturday (for the home)

Hi Everyone! How are you? Seriously, I want to know!

When Kate Spade Saturday was getting ready to launch, I was already on the bandwagon. I mean come on, Kate Spade styling and essence paired with more affordable pieces?! I was so there. When the site first launched, although I found few items that fit with my lifestyle and budget, I was excited about things to come - and I surely was not disappointed. While recently poking around on the site after seeing blogger after blogger featuring KSS items, I found several items that I'm not so sure I'm gonna be able to live without. It has a certain clean, modern Ikea-esque style that I'm drawn to. I can't resist black+white+a pop color. I even like the sampler print and that is so not what I'd usually be into. That just goes to show you the level designing genius is going on here. When you can get someone into something they normally wouldn't gravitate to, that's pretty clever. The zig zag print is the pattern winner for me, but only by a nose. :)

Kate Spade Saturday for the Home

plates | short glasses | throw pillow covers (windowpane, sampler, zig zag) | mugs (yellow, zig zag, sampler, windowpane)

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