Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Workwear Wednesday: Can-Not-Live-Without Office Essentials

Workwear Wednesday: Can-Not-Live-Without office essentials

Sheath dress: I wear this jumper style with a shirt underneath, with a blazer or sweater and it's easily accessorized
Black flats: I gotta be able to move, and these help me do that.
Scarf: Somethin' fun
Button downs: Chambray and silk aren't your average everyday office tops.  Make sure to choose well-tailored tops to keep them from being overly casual.
Striped tee:  A classic black and white stripe makes getting dressed a breeze and fights off an overzealous a/c.
Black slim pants: Stretchy and appropriate.  Make sure they're in a suiting material.
Dark wash jeans: Casual Friday?  I'm set.
Black skirt: I love my ponte skirt.  I have a wool pencil skirt that I wear in the winter, but since winter is about 2 weeks long where I live, this ponte skirt sees a lot of action.
Pearl studs: Always appropriate and go with everything.
Watch: Gotta know what time it is!

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