Monday, October 22, 2012

Six For The Mix: Fall Wish List

Six For The Mix: Fall Wish List

After a careful assessment of my wardrobe, I've found some holes that need filling.  Plus, it's nice to get a few things at the season change to help mix it up a little.  Here are my "Six for the Mix":

1. A twinset. A twinset can be pretty versatile.  It can of course be worn together, but you could wear the cardigan with a button down or other blouse while the shell can be worn like a sweater vest over an oxford button down.  Or you could wear a blouse with the shell and sweater.  With a little imagination, I'm sure you could come up with even more options. Try to choose a color that coordinates with your base wardrobe color.  Since mine is black, and I love this shade of blue with gray and black, this is a good choice for me. (J.Crew Jackie Cardigan, $62, and Shell, $48)

2. A lined wool pencil skirt.  Although I steer clear of animal fibers coming in direct contact with my skin, I do like the structure that wool gives a pencil skirt.  And, with a lining and tights, there's almost no chance of the itchies.  In the climate in which I live (the Florida panhandle), this skirt is only limited to the coldest it gets here, which only lasts a month's worth of days or so.  However, this skirt will last years and years and years. (J.Crew Factory Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Wool, $59.50)

3.  Mid-heeled oxfords.   I don't currently have a moderately dress shoe in my arsenal.  I just haven't found the right ones.  After reflecting on an earlier post on black shoes, I have decided that these are the ones.  They can take me to work or holiday party.  These are of a fairly classic style, on trend without being overly trendy, so they can last for some winter seasons to come. (Naturalizer Jodell, $79.99) 

4. iPhone 5 case.  As soon as I pre-ordered my phone, I was immediately on the hunt for a cute, durable phone case.  I soon found this lil' darlin' on the Nordstrom site.  After weeks of waiting, I was so pleased to see that it fit perfectly and wasn't fragile.  I bought a Lightning port to 30-pin port adapter so that I could listen to music through my car's speakers and at work on my little speaker.  Disappointingly, the case didn't accommodate the adapter and I had to take my phone out of it adorable little case.  Maybe this one will.  And since tortoise is my animal print of choice, it's worth a shot.  (J.Crew Tortoise Case for iPhone 5, $29.50)

5.  Long-sleeved tee in a trending color.  This spring and summer it was all about mint.  Now it's all about bordeaux.  This is an inexpensive and practical way of incorporating a trend into your wardrobe. (J.Crew Perfect-Fit Long-Sleeve Tee, $26.50)

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