Saturday, August 18, 2012

Productivity & Disappointment

...Sounds like a Bronte sister novel.  Well, closing has been pushed from Thursday to Friday and now to Monday or possibly even Tuesday.  If you are a homeowner, think back to when you purchased your very first home.  Weren't you just too excited to get in there?!  We're doing a VA loan, and they are per-snick-et-y, so I'm pretty sure they're sitting around OCD-ing every piece of paperwork.  Fingers crossed that Monday'll be the day.

The whole kitchen is packed, and we've been eating take-out every day since Tuesday, and surprisingly, I'm totally 100% over it.  I've had enough take-out for a lifetime; I'm ready to cook in my new kitchen!

I have been doing a bit of shopping after my lucrative massive J. Crew sale this past week.  I'm still looking for a home for my Coach New Willis.  Maybe I should list it on eBay.

Back To School Shopping

I am just crazy for ponte di roma, so I was more than happy to scoop up this Land's End dress.  I plan on wearing it jumper-style as I'm not a fan of going sleeveless.  You can't go wrong with an a-line skirt shape and check out those pockets!  I'm ready to stuff them with all kinds of receipts and pens and pennies that I find in parking lots.  

I am unpleasantly surprised at how few options there are for a basic striped tee in black and white.  There are a lot of (I guess) interesting incarnations of the striped tee, but most have low necklines, are made of cheap or strange fabrics, have pockets or are just otherwise, not quite... "it".  I am looking forward to wearing this bad boy all Parisian-style.  And can we talk about price?  I've seen some subpar ones for like $50!

I needed a new pair of skinny jeans, so I bought some.  I got them for about $15 after a 25% discount code promotion they were running (which I think is still going on) over on the Old Navy site.  And they had different rises!  I can no longer do the low rise, but I'm certainly not ready to resign myself to mom jeans (especially since I'm not a mom!), so I'm thinking the Sweetheart fit will do me right.

And - now for the shoes.  Chunky heels may seem dowdy or matronly, but once the heel hits at least 2", I think they look kind of modern.  Yeah, they're not for everyone.  Nothing says fall/winter like suede shoes, though.  I can see them with my black full skirt and that striped tee - demure and classy.  Hey, at least I can look the part.

Moving always helps me whittle my wardrobe down some.  I got rid of a massive amount in my sale earlier in the week, but I've managed to get it down even more.  I've added the 4 pieces above, but I've let go about 3 times that.  My wardrobe is now 52 items.  I'll have to pick up a couple of pairs of hose/tights for the fall/winter, so I'm wondering if I should add those to the count.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you have to wait to move to your new house. I love my ponte knit dress from Lands End also. I bought mine two years ago. I also have the trousers. I went shopping for shoes today. I tried several pairs but could not find the perfect shoes. I want some heels instead of flats this time. I am also thinking that a wedge would be more comfortable. Teaching requires me to be on my feet all day. I love the shoes you bought.


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