Thursday, August 2, 2012

Minimalist Multitaskers: The Black Ponte Skirt

Minimalist Multitaskers: The Black Ponte Skirt

Today's installment of Minimalist Multitaskers highlights the black ponte pencil skirt.

This skirt (I paid more than that for it... maybe I ought to get a second one) is the skirt equivalent of pajama jeans.  It hits curves in all the right places but has enough structure to be work-worthy.

You just want to make sure you're buying a skirt made of ponte and not just flimsy cotton jersey.  Try to find high quality ponte so that you're not stuck with a pilling pile of fabric after the first cleaning (I Dryel my ponte pieces).

How I Wear Mine

1. Denim shirt + tortoise flats + tortoise belt.
2. Chambray henley + black flats + calf hair belt.
3. Tees + scarves.
4. Short sleeve button downs/oxford button downs.

You will catch me in this no less than twice a week during the summer.

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