Saturday, August 11, 2012

For Sale

We're getting ready to move into our first house and I'd like to lighten our load by selling some of my clothing.

Things to note:
-All items are in excellent used condition or new; new items will be notated as such.  
-Shipping is free of charge.
-I'm trying to sell these items so that I don't have to move them; if you would like to purchase multiple items, feel free to make me a reasonable offer.
-The person who requests an invoice from me first gets the item.  I'd like to reserve items for the first to inquire, but time is of the essence.
-All items are J. Crew.  Items from the factory outlet are notated as such.

You should be able to click on each item for a link back to the J. Crew item.  If not, I have painstakingly categorized each item and you should be able to hover over the item for the style name; from there it's just a copy and paste into Google.

For Sale!

Anything with an X over it has been sold or has a solid transaction pending on it.

Row 1
Factory Scattered Sequin Tank / indigo tile / XS / $8
Popover in Rambling Rose / XXS / $20 SOLD
Stretch Perfect Shirt / sheer mint / XSP / $40 / NWT
Blythe Blouse in Silk / bright sun / 0P / $35 SOLD

Row 2
Gondola Stripe Top / 00 / $25SOLD
Linen Swing Sweater / vivd aqua / XS / $25
Factory Ruffle Collar Top / navy / 0 / $10 SOLD

Row 3
Cafe Capris
Caribbean Tweed / 2P / $25SOLD
Domino Eyelet / 2P / $25SOLD
Neon Rose / 0P / $25SOLD
Tropical Aqua / 0P / $25
Soft Fuchsia / 2P / $25
Foulard / 0P / $25SOLD
Morse Code / 2P / $25 SOLD

Row 4
Factory Brush Dot Shorts / 2 / $10SOLD
Coach New Willis / brass/vermillion / $200 (I bought this in Atlanta for my birthday and I only carried this ONCE.  A shame.  Please give this guy a good home!!!!)
Brompton Straw Mini-Hobo / $50 (I love this fella, carried it several times, but it's just too small for me - clean, no stains, holes, rips, or scratches)
Jersey Maxi Skirt / heather indigo / XS / NWT / $25  SOLD
Garment-Dyed Drawstring Shirtdress / blue sea / 2P / $25

You can email me at denise{dot}g{dot}kidd{at}gmail{dot}com.  Good luck!


  1. Denise,

    I would like to purchase the Jersey Maxi Skirt for $25.00.


    1. Hi Tish:

      Great! I am invoicing you now. I should be shipping on Monday. Thanks!

  2. Thinking about that gondola top, but realizing that I don't own any J.Crew tops with numeric sizing. I usually get XS tops and wear 0 dresses, and checking out their sizing shows that I would prob be a 0 top as well. How does the size of the Gondola top run, in your opinion?


    1. Hi Taylor! I currently have a transaction pending for the Gondola top, but I would like to answer your question. It's more rectangular than square, so it's slim through the hips. I have some curves, so it is tight in that area on me. I love the neckline and the drape of the sleeves, but I had hoped that it would be more square and flowy. I'm just poorly built for this top. ;) I would say that in this case, I would err on the side of caution. If I had a 0, I'd certainly sell it to you. Thanks for checking in!

      p.s. I joined your site. :)

    2. Oh, cool! Thank you so much!! As soon as I click away, I will be joining/following yours too--I didn't realize I didn't do it earlier! Thanks for the answer on the gondola anyway!! :)


  3. Hi, I'd like to buy the Polly popover and scoopneck blouse, items #1 and 2, the linen swing sweater and the dot circle skirt. Would you do these four items for $90? Let me know, thanks

    1. Hi Frances:

      I am sorry to say that all of those items are in currently pending transactions. I cross off items once they are paid, so I apologize for any confusion. Thank you.

  4. Hey Denise,

    Just emailed you about the Blythe shirt. Didn't realize pending items wouldn't be marked off. Let me know if the sale falls through/if it's still available!

    Thanks so much,



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